GSUtil 3.1

The Grandstream BudgeTone 100 VOIP and GX2000 telephones are telephones
that do VOIP, from a company called Grandstream.

GsUtil is a short program I wrote to dump and restore the data
from these phones.  Since a reboot is required to make the
configuration change effective, this program does that too.

It's written in Perl, tested on Fedora Core 4, and provided as
tarball, rpm and zip files.  Only perl and perl-libwww-perl were
used, and they came with the operating system, so you probably
won't have to download any perl modules.

Version 1.x was done for the firmware, and
Version 2.x is for the current firmware on the GXP2000,
  and on the BT-101.
Version 3.x is for the same firmware, but it's been rewritten
  almost from scratch: cut-and-paste helped.

See the phone here.

The company is here.

Here is a list of all products by GrandStream and whether
gsutil works on them or not (updated 2006-07-28):
HandyTone Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA):
HT-286: Yes!
HT-286 Rev 3.0: Yes!
HT-386: no report
HT-486: no report
HT-486 Rev 2.0: Yes!
HT-488: no report
HT-496: no report
BudgeTone Voip Phones:
BT-101: Yes!
BT-102: Yes!
BT-200: Yes!
BT-201: Yes!
GXP Voip Phone:
GXP-2000: Yes!
GXV Voip Phone:
GXV-3000: no report
If you have new information, let me know. Here's a screenshot. Help message: Version 3.1 of GSutil, a GrandStream BudgeTone phone backup, restore and reboot utility. Written by Charles Howes ( Usage: /tmp/gsutil-3.1/gsutil -[b|d|e|h|r] [-w] [-n] [-o] [-p password] address.. -b : reboot -d : dump to stdout -e : show phone firmware versions -r : restore from stdin -w : wait for device to be free (moves busy devices to end of list) -n : don't wait for reboot to finish -o : don't translate configuration values -p : password (default: admin) -h, --help : print this help --version : print the version of gsutil Examples: gsutil -d > phone1.conf - dump configuration gsutil -do > phone1.conf - dump in GS compatible style gsutil -r < phone1.conf - restore configuration gsutil -b - reboot phone and wait for it gsutil -bn - reboot phone and don't wait gsutil -e - show firmware version number gsutil -wdeboner -p admin < new.conf > old.conf - everything at once gsutil -d > out.conf - dump phones gsutil -r < in.conf - restore phones gsutil -bnw - boot phones More than one phone can be specified at once; the configurations are appended when dumping, and separated when restoring. The default password for gsutil is the default password for the phones: 'admin'. Only the settings listed in the input file will be changed on the phone. This allows you to change a single setting on all of your phones at once without having to download, edit and upload each phone's settings. Make a configuration file containing only the parameter to change, and use that as input: gsutil -rbn < input Note: if restoring multiple phones at once, the command line ip addresses should be in the same order as they were when they were dumped, or else the configurations will go to different phones. This may be desirable, or it might upset your users when their phone number and voicemail get assigned to someone else's phone. You have been warned... :-) License: GPL Author: Charles Howes Changelog: gsutil-changelog Download: gsutil-3.1.tar.gz gsutil-3.1-1.i586.rpm gsutil-3.1-1.src.rpm
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