Linux on a Toshiba Satellite A200 AH6

What works and what doesn't

This is a table which depicts which components work out-of-the box after a fresh install of Fedora 7, what needs easy work, and stuff that I haven't tested yet.

Screen OK   
CD-DVD OK  Sometimes burned bad DVDs
Graphics OK  Nvidia drivers available for great ..beryl!
USB OK   4 ports, all functional
Ethernet OK   
Hibernate OK  Works
Suspend OK  Works, needed configuration. Sometimes hard to come back from suspend, screen stays black, load average skyrockets
Wireless OK
Sometimes drops connection, don't know why yet
Sound EASY  Can't turn off speakers when headphones plugged in - there may be a fix
56k modem Not tested

Firewire OK
SD Card Reader OK  I was surprised, it worked!
PCMCIA Problem
 This isn't PCMCIA, it's the new standard; PCMCIA doesn't fit now
Webcam EASY
 Works! Get the uvcvideo driver and test it with Ekiga